Heal Your Marriage

 Stop Arguing. Connect Deeply with Your Spouse. Find Hope.

Life is too short to miss peace & 
meaningful connection

Conflict is no fun. 
Don't get stuck in hopelessness. 

You can create a marriage full of 
connection and safety.

If both of you want to work on things, 
take a look at couples coaching.

If you are a wife whose husband 
isn't ready for coaching, 
you can still find help for
yourself in our eCourse.

Create the marriage YOU want

Your struggles are specific to YOU. Focus only on what YOUR marriage needs - create the intimacy you long for

Do conflict differently

No one likes conflict and few know how to do it well. Learn more productive ways of handling disagreements - get rid of the blaming

Save time and money

With coaching, your first meeting is free, and you can start moving forward right away. In the eCourse, you do some pre-work, and then do the material at your own pace

We don't just care about marriage... 

We care about YOU.

We can help.

  • Experience - Since 1991, Nina Roesner has been helping people solve their relationship challenges as a communication and relationship coach. She has a masters degree in communication and certificates in Relationship Coaching and Christian Marriage Coaching from the Institute of Life Coach Training. She spent 15 years with Dale Carnegie Training, is a Harper Collins author, and has led Greater Impact since 2005. Nina and her husband have worked through their own challenges and raised three kids together. 
  • Proven Method - The methods used are scientifically proven to have lasting results when working with a couple where both people are open to the possibilities of creating something new.
  • Track Record - We've seen God lead thousands out of despair and into deeper connection with Him and other significant relationships.

How it Works:



      YOU WANT

What our clients say...

Strength & Dignity eCourse has made a tremendous difference in my life in helping me see myself as a valuable individual who has boundaries of my own, while learning how to handle that fragile male ego surrounding respect. I also learned not to throw back snarky punch lines to my husband who is always throwing those kind of things at me. Setting boundaries is the biggest nugget I have learned. After hearing a "Respect Dare" program aired on Focus on the Family I ordered the Respect Dare book and after reading the introduction, I quickly saw that I needed to do this eCourse. I recognized verbal abuse in my marital relationship.
I have seen changes in my marriage because of the tips and things I have learned through this eCourse.

Couples coaching has given us hope after years of being stuck and not being able to see a solution. Our coach has provided us with tools and tips that help us see how we can get out of where we are currently and move forward. We are looking forward to this new stage in our lives.
 Andrea & Jacob

Working with Nina saved us. We were at the end of our rope, police were involved, both of us were hopeless. God used her to facilitate a new beginning for us and created hope where there was none before. We have grown in our faith and our relationship with each other as a result of working with her.
Tom & Clara
What more do I need to know?
Stop hurting and create the marriage you want. Breeze through difficult discussions and avoid the expense and pain of divorce! 

The current crisis is adding stress to relationships. Divorce inquiries have increased and so have domestic violence calls in the United States. If you can't figure out your marriage, divorce is going to cost you at least $15,000 per person.

Couples Coaching 

We know much of marriage counseling fails. Often the counselor seems to choose sides, creating a win/lose environment, which damages the relationship further. Our coaching is on God's and the marriage's side - each person in the marriage is encouraged to try something different, without blame, while the coach stays focused on being a neutral party and facilitating Wins for both spouses, the marriage, and God. We view each person in the marriage with respect as precious to God - equally. 

We know marriage counseling is painful. In our opinion, too much time is spent rehashing unsolvable problems from the past. Coaching focuses on the forward movement of the marriage, creating the life you want together, learning new ways of interacting by trying new skills in the moments they are needed. These methods are proven to have a positive impact in your daily lives. 

We know getting help is expensive. The average costs of counseling in the United States runs between $60-125/hour. That is a lot to pay when you aren't sure of the results. Most couples meet weekly with their counselor spending their time and money getting the counselor up to speed with the history of their relationship. Coaching is different. Your first call as a couple is FREE - and we begin forward moving work in the first paid session.

eCourse for Wives

Maybe you have done The Respect Dare (Nelson, 2012) book already, but unlike many of the men whose wives “do the dares” – your husband didn’t respond. OR he did, by taking you for granted instead of responding with greater love.

Or maybe you are afraid to learn about respect and submission because you are concerned that your already controlling or verbally aggressive or unloving husband will respond by taking advantage of you or that his verbal dismissals, discounting, and disrespect of you and/or your kids will get worse.

Maybe you think those Bible verses don’t apply to you…maybe you think you need to build up your own self-esteem before you try them, but you’ve felt so discouraged for so long that you don’t know what to do.

We can help.

We have been at this since 2005. We have studied the research and seen the outcomes.

We have found a way to help you not only save your marriage if it is possible to do so, but regardless of what happens, help you develop the skills, esteem, and relationship with God to be confident in His plan for you AND be seen as a person of worth by yourself and others around you.
In the eCourse, we’ll be teaching you how to set boundaries that build relationships. If you want more from your marriage and want to stop feeling like a doormat, please join us in the Strength & Dignity eCourse. If you do this eCourse alongside The Respect Dare, (it's optional within the class as to when you do the book), you’ll also improve your marriage in a dramatic way. Do more than protect yourself – birth JOY into your marriage by fully honoring and obeying God.

No matter how long you have been married, or what stage of life you are in, you will face difficulties. How you choose to navigate those challenges will impact your marriage and family either positively or negatively. We know what works and can help you and your spouse develop the habits needed to make lasting positive change a reality for your marriage. 

Since 2006 we haven't been just teaching people how to communicate to create deeper connections; we have walked with them. Thousands of people have deepened their relationships with God and transformed their personal relationships. How did they do it? The answer is simple - they practiced with expert guidance. They've learned new methods of interacting and praying and have changed their outcomes.

Nina is a certified Relationship Coach and Christian Marriage Coach. She has been coaching and teaching communicators since 1991, and spent 15 years with Dale Carnegie Training, the "How to Win Friends and Influence People" organization. She has a masters degree in communication and has coached individuals, couples, pastors, and leaders around America. She has been a follower of Christ since 1990. Start your change today! Choose your path - couples coaching or the eCourse for wives, and begin creating the marriage you want today!

Don't let another day slip by...

Look ahead 5 years - what will your marriage look like if you don't take action NOW?

get on the same page

stop destructive communication patterns

stop hurting each other

discover connection instead of conflict

protect the marriage

grow in intimacy

Choose your path to heal your marriage

Honor God. Create the marriage you want. Do conflict differently.